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Sensible City’s new home by interactiv
March 22, 2010, 6:09 am
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Urban Re:Vision to lead design Charrette in San Francisco this week by interactiv

Eek! You’ve just stumbled into an archive site. For the REAL Sensible City, click HERE.

Masdar: A Zero Emissions City in the Desert by Andrew Fletcher
March 20, 2009, 2:20 am
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Eek! You’ve just stumbled into an archive site. For the REAL Sensible City, click HERE.

Green By Design gets it by Andrew Fletcher
March 18, 2009, 11:36 pm
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greenbydesignlogoAny outfit that adheres to their mission to do good stands out in today’s world, and that’s what makes Green By Design outstanding. From the clean, friendly visual presentation to the Green By Design Shop of handpicked toys, gadgets, furniture and other products made sustainably, Green By Design gets it, does it and makes it look good. Here’s a clip from their most recent blog post to whet your appetite.


Green By Design: In the Heart of Tanzania
Published by Melissa Cicci

On the outskirts of Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania, microenterprise is making a difference in the lives of rural villagers. Since 1987, Village Enterprise Fund (VEF), a non-profit based in San Carlos, California, has helped fund more than 16,000 small businesses in East Africa with grants that typically range from $100-$150 but that make incalculable difference in human lives and fortunes.


Recently, I traveled to the heart of Tanzania to visit some of the grant recipients. Central Tanzania reminded me of the American southwest, where I live: red clay earth, simple mud-brick dwellings, dry riverbeds and a deep blue sky.

Also as in parts of the American southwest, there is a real need here among the local people to find alternatives to subsistence farming whereby locals may empower themselves out of the enervating cycle of poverty.

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Academy for Global Citizenship in the news… by interactiv

NBC Reporter Art Norman with AGC Students

On Feb 27, 2009, Megan Ellis, a sustainability education teacher at the Academy for Global Citizenship on the southwest side of Chicago, IL, started her class from an unusual location – Churchill, Manitoba, the edge of the Arctic Circle.

As part of her educator fellowship, sponsored by HSBC in the Community, Mrs. Ellis used satellite and Internet technology to connect “Live from the Field” to her classroom and community. Mrs. Ellis joined Earthwatch Institute’s Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge expedition as a member of a research team consisting of scientists and volunteers determined to collect data and answer the most pressing issues related to climate change.

The research team was led by principal investigator G. Peter Kershaw, Ph.D. of the University of Alberta, Canada. The volunteers assisted the researchers by quantifying snowpack differences in local ecosystems and assessing wildlife use.

[Read more about it on her expedition blog]

[Visit the AGC website]

Fox News Orlando: OCC Goes Solar (launch at Green Cities Florida) by interactiv

ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s good enough to power the most expensive real estate in the universe – the International Space Station. Now it will help power one of the biggest buildings in Orlando. Steve Gehlbach has the enlightening details.

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Urban Re:Vision Social Media PR Sweep – Dallas Competition wants YOU by interactiv

Cameron Sinclair - Judge, Urban Re:Vision, Re:Vision Dallas

Re:Vision Dallas, the competition which gives creative urban design and community development professionals around the world a solid chance at creating America’s first fully sustainable innercity block, is sweeping social media around the world.

Find out about it at Enter the competition at

In addition to Italy, Serbia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia and Spain, here are a few examples from the American social media PR scene:

And don’t forget the news media covering Urban Re:Vision…